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Socrative is an interactive service that lets teachers poll students in real time with only an Internet connection and a mix of smartphones, tablets, and computers. Socrative works in a similar fashion to polleverywhere but with many more features for both teachers and students.

Socrative is easy to use and enables teachers to use it both on the fly and also with pre-made quizzes. Teachers log into their Socrative accountImage and are presented with options for assessing students. For quick assessments, teachers can click on “Single Question Activities” and ask a question verbally and have students respond on their device with the results sent to the teacher’s computer in real-time. Or, teachers can create their own quizzes ahead of time to show their students during class. A great benefit is that teachers also have the ability to add images to their assessments to check for understanding using art, political cartoons, or photographs. Teachers also have the option of sharing pre-made quizzes with each other. 

Students interact with the service needing only to know the room number code of the teacher–they do not need to set up accounts with Socrative. Watch this short video for a brief tutorial.

Another great feature is that teachers are also given the option of sending students exit tickets at the end of a lesson to check for understanding. Students are first asked how well they understand the material. Then, they are asked for a brief narrative about what they learned today. A report is sent automatically to the teacher so they can assess the understanding of all students in the class.

In Edudemic, Jeff Dunn writes that Socrative is signing up more than 1,000 new users a day. “The popular engagement platform lets you easily get your students excited to raise their hand (digitally and physically),” he writes. “What more could a teacher ask for?!” I couldn’t agree more.

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