More on Student Surveys


In an earlier blog post, I wrote about how important student surveys can be to teachers and administrators. In this post I would like to show two different ways surveys can be given.

Survey Monkey

imageBree Valvano, an English teacher at Randolph, has frequently used Survey Monkey to poll her students throughout the year. “I used the feedback to help guide my lesson planning,” explains Bree. The site is free and easy to use. In Survey Monkey, you can design your own survey or use a template. Students are then provided a link where they can fill out the survey and Survey Monkey tabulates the results for you.  Here are some screen shots from a survey Bree has given in the past:

image-2 image-3

 Google Forms

docs_logoAnother way to collect information is by using Google Forms. If you already use Google Drive to create documents or share files with students or staff, Google Forms might be a convenient way to survey students. Google aForms works very much like Survey Monkey or other popular sites like Socrative and Poll Everywhere. However, like Survey Monkey, I’ve found Google Forms to be much better than these two sites at tabulating data. Results from your survey are presented in easy-to-analyze charts or on a spreadsheet.

Using Survey Monkey or Google Forms makes giving student surveys easy. Both sites have ready-to-use templates and teachers can have a survey up in minutes. Since both survey sites are web based, students can use their own devices to record their answers, making the process 100% paperless. Easy, easy, easy.