Interesting resources shared by the Randolph High School Humanities Department

Can Emotional Intelligence Be Taught?  By Jennifer Kahn

If everybody knows that test scores and grades aren’t the keys to success, how do we teach, and measure, the things that are? Shared by Andrew Buchanan

The Homework Wars: How Much is Too Much?

In The Atlantic’s October issue, Karl Taro Greenfeld writes about his experience doing all of his eighth-grade daughter’s homework for one week. Alarmed by the amount of time she spent on schoolwork, and worried about the stress and fatigue it caused, Greenfeld wanted to know: Was hours of nightly work teaching her anything, or was it just causing needless agony? His conclusion: “Give the kids a break. Once in a while.” That’s one take. To get more perspectives, we asked a student, a teacher, and a range of education experts about the value of homework — and how much is too much. Shared by Jonathan Olsen

The Pacific and Adjacent Theaters in World War II

April 18, 1942: A B-25 Mitchell bomber takes off from the USS Hornet’s flight deck for the initial air raid on Tokyo, Japan, a secret military mission U.S. President Roosevelt referred to as Shangri-La. (AP Photo)

An amazing collection of rare Pacific theatre photographs from the Denver Post. Shared by Jonathan Olsen

EDSITEment: The Best of the Humanities on the Web by the National Endowment for the Humanities

10 Teaching with Technology Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make By Kelly Walsh

20 Awesome BYOD and Mobile Learning Apps By Vicki Davis via Edutopia

How to Mind Map: “Double Your Memory” by the University of Central Florida. Shared by Ken Morris

For great study skills resources visit the Student Academic Resource Center at UCF. Shared by Ken Morris

The “Big List of 875 Free Courses From Top Universities” with 27,000 hours of audio/video lectures. Shared by Jenn Fano

Dozens of Virtual Tours and Webcams on One Google Map. Shared by Jenn Fano

Can Texting Develop Other Writing Skills? Shared by Jon Zlock

Writing Exercises Scientifically Proven to Redirect Your Life By Jane Porter. Shared by Jenn Fano

For a lesson plan and resources on comparing portrayals of slavery in nineteenth-century photography and literature follow this link via readwritethink. Shared by Maria LoBue

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