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Sock Puppets


Today our Technology Focus Group learned about an app called Sock Puppets–it’s free screen568x568and available on the iTunes store. Sock Puppets lets users create their own short video clips with audio about anything they want. The fun part is that the videos feature sock puppets. The app has a ton of potential in many different types of classrooms. For example, English teachers can use it so students can create dialogue based on vocabulary words or math teachers can use it to have students explain math concepts. Users are able to modulate their voices, add their own images and scenery, and choose their own characters. Today we used the app to create a video based on Abbott and Costello’s “Whose on First?” routine. Here’s the video we created¬†(can you guess who the actors are?):

Sock Puppets is an amazingly fun app that is easy to use. It does have some inexpensive add-ons you can purchase. To make the video above I purchased for $.99 a feature that lets users import their own backgrounds, which is how we were able to use a baseball field. Using my iPad, I took a screen shot from Google of an old baseball field then edited the image with a great app called Doc Scan HD (which is quickly becoming my favorite app) then imported the image to Sock Puppets. Then our actors took over, recorded their voices, and uploaded the file to YouTube.

Total time from start to finish: about 7 minutes.