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InnovateNJOur school district is fortunate to be part of a new, exciting organization created by the State of New Jersey’s Office of School Innovation. Called innovateNJ, the initial community consists of 10 like-minded school districts working together “in ways that produce replicable and adaptable innovative practices.” It’s exciting to be a part of a community of fellow educators willing to collaborate about next-generation instructional practices. Personally, my PLN has grown tremendously since joining the organization and I look forward¬†to what the future holds.

At 8:00PM EST tomorrow, November 20th, the innovateNJ community will be hosting their first twitter chat about innovation in schools. Please join the chat using the hashtag #innovateNJ. During the chat we’ll also share information about how other New Jersey school districts can join our organization. The next round of applications will become available this week. At the least, please join our chat on 11/20–we’re talking innovation!

To view our Twitter chat invitation, click on the image.Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 7.41.09 AM


Connected Educator Month


The U.S. Department of Education has decreed October as Connected Educator Month. The goal is to help educators thrive in a connected world. Here is Secretary of Education Arne Duncan describing this initiative:

In honor of CEM, the Learning Network published a list from 28 educators explaining what “connected education” looks like to them. I contributed a brief explanation of our amazing new classroom–A123. Check out the post with teacher contributions from all over the country. It’s full of possibilities!

Jonathan Olsen